Memorial of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Job 1: 6-22 /Carmelite reading: Is 66: 10-14
Gospel Reading
Luke 9: 46-50/Carmelite reading: Mt 18: 1-4

Opening Prayer

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Therese! We celebrate your final surrender, as your heart cried out, “My God, I love you” and you were born to eternal life. Teach us again, Little Flower, to live from confident trust in God’s love, refined through the dark night of suffering and surrender of expectations. Instill in us childlike trust, which Jesus loves so much – a trust that ever sucks at God’s abundant breasts for the never-ending milk of divine grace. Free the child in us that we may learn to sit on God’s lap and feel the comfort of the holy presence. Purify us to empty ourselves as you did that we might be filled with Divine Love – and learn to do the ordinary things of our life with extraordinary love. Yes, Therese, free the child of grace within us, even if it be hardened or buried by cynicism or disappointment. Soften our hearts that God might penetrate us. Thank you for over one hundred years of roses and grace. You are a wonderful, delightful, and passionate friend, Little Flower of Jesus!

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