Memorial of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

First Scripture Reading
Job 19: 21-27
Gospel Reading
Luke 10: 1-12

Opening Prayer

God of infinite mercy, you must get fed up with our endless self-pity. We love to see ourselves as victims and draw everyone’s attention to our wounds. Empower us to get over ourselves and seek the truth. We believe that there is a restlessness which consumes us, and which can only be filled by you. We hunger for you, even though we try to eat everything else in sight. Channel the diet of our soul. Make us bringers of your peace, so that we can proclaim that you have put an end to division. Empty us of the baggage we carry, especially the heavy burden of victimization. Humble us to trust Your Spirit, and not try to cram faith down their throats. Make us strong enough to be dependent on you and the people and resources you gift us with.

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