Memorial of Saint Pius X

First Scripture Reading
Ezekiel 28: 1-10
Gospel Reading
Matthew 19: 23-30

Opening Prayer

God! You Who are Sovereign of Creation, our haughtiness must disgust You! We think we are so self-important. We try to control everyone and everything around us, and pretend that our will is the divine will. We need to be always right. You must smile at our stupidity as we spend so much energy trying to be messiah and god, and yet end up empty and frustrated. We try to rely only on our own resources and not be dependent on You. No wonder Jesus told us that we will enter Your reign only with great difficulty. We want to sit at the head table with you, Jesus, forever. Teach us surrender, justice and trust. Humble our haughtiness and hoarding spirit. Empower us to let go and let You be God, Absolute Sovereign!

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