Memorial of Saint John de Brebeuf and Saint Isaac Jogues

First Scripture Reading
Ephesians 1: 11-14
Gospel Reading
Luke 12: 1-7

Opening Prayer

By your invitation and divine initiative, we are pregnant with Your kingdom of promise, God of Life. The seeds of Your glory have been implanted within us. You have sealed us with Your Spirit, so that the fullness of Your life, dreams, and reign may explode from within us and blossom in fulfillment. You are all in all. Abort any darkness which is demonic yeast within the womb of our existence. Let us not miscarriage Your birthing reign by our pettiness, greed, abuse, violence, and selfishness. Enable us to appreciate and embrace the worthiness and glory with which You have gifted and impregnated us. In 1997, the Pope declared St. Therese to be the newest and youngest Doctor of the Church. As the official Church affirms what we already know, that your “Little Way” is the most beautiful way of Gospel living, help us this day, Therese, to live focused lives of charity and attention to others. Teach us again to do the ordinary things with extra-ordinary love, because God is the center of our life and the source of Love.

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