Memorial of Saint John de Brebeuf and Saint Isaac Jogues 

First Scripture Reading
Ephesians 2: 12-22
Gospel Reading
Luke 12: 35-38

Opening Prayer

God of the Temple, thank You for being the Amazing Grace Who pulls together disparate elements of Your creation. You make us one! In Jesus, You unite us with Yourself, and connect us with each other. All division is demonic. You are our Peace and our Sanctuary. Your presence transforms us from individual people into living, interactive stones who are Your Temple – the place where You dwell in glory. You have made us one and holy, in the power of Your Spirit. We, Your Temple, radiate and vibrate with Your glory. Rekindle Your Spirit with divine energy among us. Call us deeper into the sanctuary of Your presence that all Your living stones might be firm in their dignity in Christ. We await the full revelation of Your reign among us.

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