Memorial of Saint Clare

First Scripture Reading
Habakkuk 1: 12 - 2: 4
Gospel Reading
Matthew 17: 14-20

Opening Prayer

Are you really a Rock? Or more like a sparkling Diamond? I imagine You glisten in the purity and awesomeness of your Holiness. Our sinfulness, impurity, and imperfection must blind You at times. You call us to faith in You as the eternal ground of our existence. We always seem to try to do it all with our own resources, as if we did not need you. Like the disciples, we are disappointed that the miracles don’t happen through us and our effort. Increase us in faith, which humbles us to be more dependent on You and ennobles us to know that nothing is impossible. Like the mustard seed, grow slowly within us and create a bush which gives shelter to birds. Heal us of our self-anointed arrogance and crippling pride.”

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