Memorial of Saint Benedict, Abbot

First Scripture Reading
Gn 32:23-33
Gospel Reading
Mt 9:32-38

Opening Prayer

Sometimes I feel like I am wrestling with you, Lord!  It is a sweaty and scary encounter.  You always come in the night or the nighttime of my fears.  But I feel your strong struggle and muscles and you challenge my resolve.  Change my mission as you changed Jacob’s name, so that I am faithful in wrestling with you, and never tire of the sweaty struggle.  Please don’t let me limp through life, but to walk upright because I have seen Your face and felt your presence rubbing against me.  Thank you for your healing power and presence which frees the muteness that does not speak your good news or acknowledge how powerful and present you are.  As we lie prostrate in exhaustion from the struggle and journey, your gentle shepherding smile makes all the difference.  Empower us to work for your abundant harvest, Lord.  May our sweat be the healthy labor for your reign.

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