Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 7: 25 - 8: 6
Gospel Reading
Mark 3: 7-12

Opening Prayer

Jesus, You have entered the sanctuary. You have taken us with You, making us holy. We no longer need daily sacrifices to earn a place in God’s presence, because Your high priesthood embraces us all. Help us to remember and be embraced by Your Spirit of Holiness, so that we walk this day attentively in the holy land of our life experience. Touch us, among the teeming crowds who seek Your attention. Even unclean spirits were sensitive to the divine presence in You. Help me to feel Your touch and know Your healing presence. I’m humbled that You make us holy. Let the grasp of sin, the crush of crowds, the uncleanness of insecurity, and the darkness of unworthiness not prevent me from walking in Your presence and experience your healing and holy touch.

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