Friday of the Third Week in Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 56:1-3a, 6-8
Gospel Reading
John 5: 33-36

Opening Prayer

Jesus, we are in hushed anticipation. We are like kids in the night awaiting the first hint of dawn. Your promise of salvation teases our dreams — our deepest longings. I am sorry that it is not easy for us to stay in the hushed hope — we want instant gratification. We profane the Sabbath with hopes and dreams which do not satisfy. Yet You challenge us to the purity of Sabbath — that sacred time to be still and embrace — and enjoy — Your creation and all that You have given us. Hush our fears and anxiety that we might know the holiness of Your dawn. Like the Jews in the Gospel, we look for emissaries who give us light. You are our true emissary. Help us to embrace that light which was Your wisdom — coming from deep within You, Lord Jesus. Teach us to listen with hushed hope to the dawn silently breaking out within us.

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