Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 11: 32-40
Gospel Reading
Mark 5: 1-20

Opening Prayer

God of History, Your Providence is strange to understand! You lead us through traumas, tragedies, and tribulations to refine our faith and define our love. Even in our successes through detours, dangers and defeats, You always have a better plan, beyond our reach, beyond our imagination. We cannot define the end of the journey because You have secrets our small hearts cannot comprehend. You are so elusive! Let Your Jesus touch the demonic of our souls. Save us from the culture of death – from our self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. Calm our disturbed spirits with Your healing Word and the powerful Name of Jesus. Our demonic darkness is Legion. Your Lightening Love is Universal and all-powerful. Keep us faithful on the contradictory cross-currents flowing within and among us. Show us that our following of You means being home where You have planted us, and living from the freeing power of Your Love.

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