Fourth Week in Ordinary Time  

First Scripture Reading
2 Samuel 24: 2: 9-17
Gospel Reading
Mark 6: 1-6

Opening Prayer

Emmanuel, God with us, You are our strength. You were angry at David because he wanted to rely on the numeric strength of Your people, instead of depending on You. You gave him three choices of punishment. I would have chosen the shortest and least painful one, as he did. He really wanted You to punish him, and not the people. You really never want to be angry with us – at the slightest sign of repentance, You stay Your wrath – so powerful and defining is Your love for us. Sometimes we are like the people of Nazareth, who were not open to Jesus as Your instrument, because they wanted more. They were too familiar with him. Sometimes we expect You to be outside and beyond our experience. Help us to listen to Your voice in the people we live and work with. Inspire us to know that You are walking with us and we can find and see You in the ordinary people and circumstances of our lives.

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