Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 12: 18-19, 21-24
Gospel Reading
Mark 6: 7-13

Opening Prayer

We can touch the mountain! We walk in the holy land of life! We can touch Your Face, Holy God! In Jesus and through His Sacrificial Blood, we are already walking in the City of the Living God. I’m sorry for the fear that prevents me from believing in Your Presence within and among us. I apologize for the false images that make You seem distant, untouchable, and to-be-feared! You send us forth, not with our own resources and baggage. You ask us to travel light so that You can be the message and baggage we bring. Teach us to be at peace as we journey in Your holy land and across the challenging mountains of our life. Calm us to be at ease with people and situations which disturb, demean or distance us. We so hate to be rejected. Humble us to accept the ways You work in peoples’ lives. Empower us to be free, uplift and enlighten all we meet today, and anoint them in the oil of Your love.

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