Fourth Sunday of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 4: 8-12
Second Scripture Reading
1 John 3: 1-2
Gospel Reading
John 10: 11-18

Opening Prayer

Good Shepherd, I love you! Gentle Shepherd, I need you! Strong Shepherd, I need your muscular, caring shoulders to rest on! Because you lay down your life, I live! Thank you! Your love overwhelms and saves me. I’m lost and crippled sometimes, Jesus. You are the cornerstone and builder, even as I try to create my own kingdoms of darkness, built on bricks of cynicism, disillusionment, darkness and disbelief. Lifted on your shoulders, life feels so much lighter, Lord, and the vision seems brighter. I don’t feel so lost and disoriented. I feel like God’s child, because of your Shepherd embrace! From this cozy and uplifting seat upon your Shepherd shoulders, help me to see the whole flock as yours and connected, and embrace them as my sisters and brothers. Yes, the ride is smoother sitting on your strong shoulders, Good Shepherd. Thank you!

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