First Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Samuel 9: 1-4, 17-19, 10: 1
Gospel Reading
Mark 2: 13-17

Opening Prayer

God of Surprises, do You have the same fascination with the beautiful people as the rest of us? Is the only reason You chose and anointed Saul through Samuel because he was so tall and handsome? You must have known that he would fascinate the people. Yet it concerns me when I don’t feel beautiful or handsome! Will you still notice, call and anoint me? Or will I get lost in the common crowd? And then Jesus is eating and enjoying tax collectors, traitors, outcasts, and sinners. Whether I am feeling beautiful, powerful and confident or ugly, impotent and insecure, help me to hear your “Come, follow me!” Whether I feel like a saint or a sinner, please invite me to follow you and sit at your table. I know that you have surprises in store for me and our world. Anoint me with Your Spirit that I might work for your heritage and reign.

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