First Week after the Epiphany

First Scripture Reading
1 John 4: 19-5, 4
Gospel Reading
Luke 4: 14-22

Opening Prayer

Jesus, it must have been exciting for you to return to your hometown to proclaim the message burning inside you. I’ll bet you were smiling ear to ear and all aglow. Your relatives and friends must have been curious and excited to greet you again, after all they had heard about you. The attentive silence of the synagogue must have been gripping. Joy must have possessed you as you announced God’s favor working through you and in their presence. Some probably smiled and others looked confused. Help me to see God’s activity and presence in the familiar people of my life today, and not to be confused and expect more! Humble me to experience your freeing presence – and to love you by loving each of them with your freedom, fire and power. Remove any duplicity in me that allows me to think that I can love you, even as I hate or diminish others. Jesus, speak in the synagogue of my heart and make today your time of favor.

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