First Sunday of Lent

First Scripture Reading
Genesis 2: 7-9; 3: 1-7
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 5: 12-19
Gospel Reading
Matthew 4: 1-11

Opening Prayer

Lord God, I hate standing naked before You! You know too much! Like Adam and Eve, I never seem to be able to follow Your commands real well. I get lost in my need for power, privilege, plenty, and prestige. I want to be something I am not, so I break established boundaries. I’m disobedient, even as I try to clothe the terrible nakedness of my disobedience. Let me again feel Your breath inspiriting me with life. Help me to struggle like Jesus and reject the messianic needs I so desire: addressing everyone’s needs, working wonders, and possessing and controlling everything. Humble me to fast from the passion and priority of these issues in my life. Just as His obedience eradicated our original disobedience, clothe me in Christ. Help me not to hide from You and the power of Your message. Stop me from making loincloths to hide my dignity as Your child. Open my eyes to Your truth, not simply to my perceptions and needs.

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