First Sunday of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 2: 1-5
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 13: 11-14
Gospel Reading
Matthew 24: 37-44

Opening Prayer

Here we go – mountain climbing again!” Lord, we have so many heights to climb, but with Your help, we will make it.” As You break into human history in Jesus, keep us watchful so that we don’t miss You.” We get so blinded by our own affairs, needs and expectations that we don’t look for the strange and wonderful ways You come to us.” We so desperately need to ascend to the mountain where the lion and the lamb lie down together, and swords are beaten into plowshares.” Help us to transform the instruments of violence and division into ways to create the dawn of Your reign in the hearts of all Your people, especially those most oppressed by darkness.” Be our light, Lord – You are our hope!

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