Fifth Week of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Kings 8: 22-23, 27-30
Gospel Reading
Mark 7: 1-13

Opening Prayer

Holy God, like Solomon, I am awed that You have chosen to dwell among us. You are not a God Who chooses to live off in some distant heaven or other world. The Jerusalem Temple is the sign of Your holy presence among Your People. Eucharist today is the sign of Your holy presence among us. You make us holy. Jesus was upset with empty rituals and practices which human tradition sanctified as holy, as if they made us holy.

Teach us not to pretend that human rituals can make us holy. Give us the freedom to respond to You in ways that flow from our heart and Your love. May all the religious rituals and practices of our faith be from Your heart and be born of love and justice. Help us not to reduce our covenant response to details which trivialize. Make us the temple of Your Presence, where the Spirit of Jesus lives, breathes, works, speaks, and listens. Thank you for being among us, Jesus, Holy God!

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