Fifth Sunday of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 9: 26-31
Second Scripture Reading
1 John 3: 18-24
Gospel Reading
John 15: 1-8

Opening Prayer

True Vine, we try to live alone, as if in our own disconnected, self-contained world. We want to be our own life-source. Thank You for being our Risen Lord and connecting us with the source of divine life that is our home and true energy. Thank You, Jesus, for being our vine, even when we rebel against the connection and dependence. As You rise in us, teach us again that God’s heart is bigger and more expansive than ours. Continue to rise, Jesus, from the empty tombs we create in our human experience. InSpirit us as You did your early followers who learned to trust Saul even though they were suspicious and afraid. They embrace him with confidence because of Your love and inspiration. Help us not to live in empty tombs of suspicion, fear and mistrust. Embrace and inSpirit us with trust and genuine love which works for peace among all people. You planted Your Word deep within us – fertilize us to blossom because of Your presence. You truly are deep within us – help me believe that with confidence today.

In 1923, when you would have been only 50 year old, the official Church beatified Therese Martin. It confirmed what millions already believed, that you, Therese, were with the Risen Lord and were doing powerful good on earth, as a heavenly friend and intercessor. Today, humble and inspire us to see the blessedness of people who affirm and challenge us on this journey of life and love. Empower us to be as faithful to Jesus as you were and are, blessed Therese, and see His Face in each person we meet this day.

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