The Fifth Day in the Octave of Christmas

First Scripture Reading
1 John 2: 3-11
Gospel Reading
Luke 2: 22-35

Opening Prayer

God of Light, You shine so brightly among us. Sometimes you are blinding! Sometimes, I want to shield my eyes and heart so that I can live in darkness and shadows I create. No matter how and where I hide, Your light comes and shines, revealing more than I could ever imagine and pointing out places of darkness and shadows where the light of your love and justice are needed. Your glory is revealed and radiates throughout my soul – and throughout creation. You have come to the Temple that you have created among us and anointed us as children of light. Help us to radiate your light to others and to follow you, even when the journey wanders through detours, shadows, misunderstandings, pierced hearts, and painful darkness. Thank you for always being the Light with, within, and for us, even when we are too blind to see.

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