Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Micah 2: 1-5
Gospel Reading
Matthew 12: 14-21

Opening Prayer

We think we own this world! Does this bother You, Who are the Owner of the vineyard? The wealthier we are, the more we need and desire. We are out of control! The poverty of your people multiplies throughout the world – the justice of Your reign is diminished by our greed. You are the Light, Power, and Energy flickering within us, Lord Jesus. Melt away the selfishness which traps us in our all-consuming irresponsibility. Be the Light who dispels the darkness of indifference to those who suffer from the injustice we create and cooperate with in our society. Continue to be our hope. Transform us so that we can transform our world through the power of Your Spirit and on the values of Your reign. Teach us not to consume more than our share.

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