Feast of St. Lawrence

First Scripture Reading
2 Corinthians 9: 6-10
Gospel Reading
John 12: 24-26

Opening Prayer

Giver of all gifts, You do want us to image you in the generosity of our hearts. Continue to InSpirit us with an attitude that shares more than hoards, and smiles more than grimaces. Empower us with the contagious attitude of generosity. Give us trust to believe that the more we empty ourselves and the less we make ourselves the center of the world, the more life will blossom, and more joy than we can imagine will fill our souls. Give us the courage and faith of St. Lawrence – when asked to produce the treasures of the Church, he gathered the poor, forsaken and forgotten and presented them as God’s greatest treasures. He was grilled for his faith. Grill the fat of selfishness out of us and help us live the priorities of Your reign.

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