Feast of All Souls

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 3: 1-9
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 5: 5-11 or 6: 3-9
Gospel Reading
John 6: 37-40

Opening Prayer

Most Holy God, I miss friends and family who touched my life and who have fallen asleep. Embrace them, as You promised You would. I think of the quiet, humble and unrecognized saints, like grandma, and friends who inspired – people who worked quietly for justice, who served the forsaken, forgotten and fragile in Your name. People who brightened and warmed others, and Your world. They are the wise souls who shine in Your presence. You purified them through suffering and they brighten the heavens today. They share the fuller life which Jesus won for us. Jesus embraces them in the fullness of time. Their hearts must be exploding with the fullness of Your love. I await the day I rejoice with them and know You in the intimate, personal way they do. Lord, I remember (mention your special, personal friends) whose memory warms my soul. Embrace them tightly and warmly for me.

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