Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Ex 19:2-6a
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 5:6-11
Gospel Reading
Matthew 9:36—10:8

Opening Prayer

Holy God, sometimes we look for You in a world beyond.  You must feel pushed away by the distance we create, even as You have loudly proclaimed that Your reign is at hand.  Thank You for not leaving us victims to the distance.  It excites my soul that You have swooped down like an eagle and picked us up in Your powerful wings.  I love the soaring ride and the comfort of being with You.  You make me feel so special and as you draw me closer, I want to kiss Your face.  Despite our distancing sinfulness, You always take the initiative to fly to us.  You really have given us a special place in Your heart, as Your special and beloved possession.  Sometimes, that simply blows my mind!  Thank You for making us a holy people, by Your presence and a people who have priestly access to You.  Yes, Lord, when you pick us up and draw us so close, we want to kiss You!

Teach us to love and reverence our Dads today, as reflections of Your fathering love for us!

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