St. Therese Novena Day Five: God’s Cycle of Love

"Nature always reflected the image of my soul.  On my days filled with tears the heavens cried with me." - St. Therese

Words of St. Therese

Nature seemed to share in my bitter sadness, for during these days, the sun did not shine and the rain poured down in torrents.  I have noticed in all the serious circumstances of my life that nature always reflected the image of my soul.  On days filled with tears the heavens cried along with me; on days of joy the sun sent forth its joyful rays in profusion, and the blue skies were not obscured by a single cloud.

Our Novena Prayer

St. Therese, you knew and believed that the God of the universe is the God of all seasons of our life.  Your faith that Jesus would always be with you expanded your vision that the seasons reflect God’s relationship with us.

Give me your innocent leap of faith, Little Flower, that I may blossom like you.  Help me to enjoy summers of warm comfort, flowers and sunshine.  Help me embrace falls of transformations.  Help me not to fear the winters of coldness.  Help me bloom in the spring times of hope and rebirth.

Give me your child-like wonder which knows that God is acting, speaking and present amid frightening thunderstorms, tear-filled rains, buffeting winds, confusing clouds, hopeful sunrises and longing sunsets of my life.  Empower me, gentle servant of Jesus, to trust the seasons of God’s love for me.  Give me your childlike wonder and trust today.