Carmelites in Torreon

During her short life, Therese longed to become a missionary to what is now Vietnam. Her health declined quickly and she accepted God’s will that she would never realize that dream.

Today, the Carmelites of the Most Pure Heart of Mary carry out her dream of sharing the Gospel message. Their work takes them to some of the poorest spots in North and South America.

One of the parishes where the Carmelites work is in Torreon, Mexico. Once a model of progress, the city of Torreon is now a dangerous, violent place since the Zetas drug cartel moved in.

In the photo above you see children who have been abandoned and orphaned being cared for at Albergue Manuelito. Each day, they are fed and educated thanks to the efforts of Fr. Emilio Rodriguez, O. Carm. and his fellow Carmelite brothers and fathers.

Doing God’s work each day, the Carmelites bring the light of hope and love to those who desperately need it. Your support in prayer and through your donation make their work possible. Thank you for helping us spread God’s love and fulfill Therese’s mission.