My whole strength

Detail of photo of St. Therese of Lisieux holding the image of the Holy Face, in the garden at the Le Carmel monastery.

My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice. They can move hearts far better than words. – St. Therese of Lisieux


8 comments on “My whole strength
  1. Please pray for my younger brother 71, he’s mentally ill. And I’m also requesting prayers for my entire family,
    I’m the only one active, some are lapsed and others are not baptised

  2. Do not be afraid of a life of sacrifice. My life is full of sacrifice and inflammation. Please Saint Therese please help me get rid of all of this inflammation. Today my back was constantly inflamed. I need to help my mom St. Therese. If it be Papa God’s will, please ask him to heal me of all inflammation and all ailments.

  3. Father I can’t send my donation. I’m in another State but it God allows me to be in a month, help me overcome my pain time has paralized for me and I live the present,I promise you I will continue to give my donation. I need to make my dear son Xavier Mass Perpetual God took away without being able to have Priest o any confort and is that my, living suffering consume me is to what increase me is to think because God allowed to leave without the helps.I ask Father my son to be convicted divorce and married for the man Law I am Mary Daughter Pray every day for my children now more day and night,Rosary for the Purgatory Soul.Blessed me Father.

  4. Pray for families who are not at peace with each other and those who do not realize God is Love.

  5. I am enjoying your new format for bringing St. Theresa’s message.
    thank you for updating it,
    I would like you to remember my daughter.
    thank you

  6. Please pray for my husband. He recently had a CT scan to see how his stomach has been. Most likely it’s his Crohn’s disease flaring up.. He’s had it for some time and was never properly treated. So he has a colonoscopy next week and I’ve been so worrisome and I’m actually losing sleep over it. Hoping all the signs I’ve seen are true and give comfort and help and that he will be ok and can manage it.

  7. Thank you Society of Little Flower for this beautiful new website and opportunity to learn more about and from Our Wonderful Saint Therese, to PRAY here with her and for others. GOD BLESS everyone here and around the world. May your every day be filled with ROSES. May we ALWAYS enjoy the gifts that we receive from OUR FATHER AND ALL THAT IS OF HIM, including and especially THE BLESSING OF OUR MOST LOVING AND HONORED SAINT THERESE.

  8. Please pray for my intentions. I believe with my whole heart our heavenly Father hears us and is delighted in our community of prayers.

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