Sweetness and mercy

Photo of St. Therese in her final illness.

“I have never experienced more fully the sweetness and mercy of the Lord.”
– St. Therese of Lisieux


4 comments on “Sweetness and mercy
  1. St. Theresa please intercede for my mom. She has been through so much. Please be with her this Thursday

  2. St. Therese please let the pain in my left hip, thigh and knee ease up soon. It is so hard to move and do anything with the pain. Please help me find the mental and physical strength to lose weight. ❤️

  3. Please pray for me that I will gain finically ….need help during this pandemic…..help me

  4. Thank You St Therese
    Ever grateful for ALL Abundant family
    Blessings for many years and grateful for Many More Blessings upon our days

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