Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Amos 6: 1a, 4-7
Second Scripture Reading
 1 Timothy 6: 11-16
Gospel Reading
Luke 16: 19-31

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, You who live in approachable light, we are blinded by our darkness. The wealth, success, materialism and prosperity of our lives have created a dark exile from our own hearts – and from You. In our complacency, we become insensitive to the poor and those who do not share our resources. We bask on the inside as they starve on the outside. We feel helpless before the economic order of our world. Yet, You have shown your light. We know our responsibility to create the justice of Your reign. We believe that You will not appear again until we see You in all your sisters and brothers. Empower us to step over the dark rationalizations of our self-centered success and be faithful to You. You gave us life-giving water from beyond this world – teach us to do the same for each other, especially those most thirsty!

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