Tuesday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21
Gospel Reading
Lk 12:35-38

Opening Prayer

Powerful and Saving God, Your grace is so much more powerful than my sin and weakness.  Transform me into a person of optimism who believes in Your powerful presence.  Our world is not in the clutches of evil and darkness, even though I get scared sometimes and wonder where it is all going.  Help me to access Your saving grace and comforting presence.  In Jesus, You saved and embraced us.  His presence and Spirit today are working to establish and hasten Your reign.  Light the lamp of hope in my heart.  May it burn with expectancy, keeping me awake and alert to Your presence.  Give me an attentive spirit which is sensitive to the subtle ways You break through in every person and experience of my life. Give me expectant ears to hear You knocking gently.

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