Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 22: 19-23
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 11: 33-36
Gospel Reading
Matthew 16: 13-20

Opening Prayer

Holy God of Wisdom, Your ways are strange! The mysterious and uplifting path of your presence among us makes me stand in awe! Like Eliakim, You make us Your royal children and holy people. In Christ, You give us the royal keys of Your reign. Because You are within and among us, we are a peg in a sure spot, amid the chaotic movements of our experience. Give us the powerful and insightful faith of Peter, which transcends private messianic expectations and goes to the heart of Who You are. As you look into our eyes and ask “who do you say that I am”, help us not to blink. Increase in us faith which is the sure rock of Your people. Help us to gently use the keys to free, uplift and inform people of Your great love, as the grounding experience of our lives. Empower us today to be Your royal children and holy people by the way we worship and live.

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