Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Galatians 5: 1-6
Gospel Reading
Luke 11: 37-41

Opening Prayer

Okay, Jesus! I am one of the hypocrites. I like everything to look good outside, even while darkness, confusion and sin permeate my being, behaviors, and intentions. I’m sorry that I’m so caught up in exteriors, but I like to look good! I know that you saved me once. Please once again help lift the yoke of slavery to fashion and what other people might think. The bondage is killing me and it is too heavy to bear sometimes. But I’m too proud! Circumcise my heart, Lord Jesus, but please don’t let it hurt too much. I’m rather sensitive! Like Teresa, I thirst for You–help me to suck wholeheartedly from the breasts of Your mercy, that You might quench my thirst–the unquenchable desire of my heart for You!

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