Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Revelation 4: 1-11
Gospel Reading
Luke 19: 11-28

Opening Prayer

Lord, the illusions, images and magic seem so powerful in the Book of Revelation. What wonderful and sometimes strange symbols to attract us to Your Kingdom. I hope it is calmer than these images project. It seems noisy with all the singing, and confusing with people jumping up and down, bowing. Will we all be in great shape in Your Kingdom? Help us to honor you by the way we live that we might honor you forever. Empower us to use well the gifts you entrust to us. Let them not shrink in the inflation of our fears. Make them develop and expand for the sake of your reign. Humble us to believe that all gifts and talents are given to us for your Kingdom, and not simply for our own comfort and security. Expand us into the larger world of Your reign.

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