Saturday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Daniel 7: 15-27
Gospel Reading
Luke 21: 34-36

Opening Prayer

The fourth beast of Daniel’s vision seems to represent that ugly, destructive side of us, which chews up, diminishes and devastates each other. The beast is within! The enemy is within! You make us stare him in the face. Yet, Your grace conquers. Even though You are the Ancient One, there is something timeless about the way You bring fresh, new power to us. Your Son of Man becomes our brother and Savior! Your old yet ever-young Spirit transforms us into the Temple of Your presence, where harmony, justice and peace reign. Your Word slays the ugliest and strongest beast within and around us. As we look again for the coming of the Son of Man with Your saving and completing presence, help us to reflect on all the ways You have already come to us, in obvious and subtle ways. May this renewed cycle of life fill us with fresh hope and peaceful expectancy!

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