Tuesday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 12: 5-16ab
Gospel Reading
Luke 14: 15-24

Opening Prayer

Jesus, you have connected us all – we are your Body. Teach us to live from your heart. Thank you for the diversity of our gifts and the way we complement one another. The fullness of your life comes from all of us sharing our best and working together. You are ingenious the way you have invited each of us to the banquet of being your Body as interdependent parts. Teach us to respect the diversity of gifts within and among us. Ignore our petty excuses not to be present. Pursue us to the highways and detours of our lives. Continue to call us to your banquet – to be your Body broken and Blood shed for the life and dignity of others. Thank you for trusting me – for trusting us!

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