Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 12-17
Gospel Reading
Luke 13: 10-17

Opening Prayer

Abba- Dad, sometimes I just want to sit in Your lap, pull on Your beard, and kiss You.  I feel warm, comfortable, free, and secure here in Your lap.  I love Your hugs!  Thank You for adopting me in Jesus as Your child – Your very own!  Free the child of wonder in me – and in all people, so that I can stand and sit tall, instead of being bent over with cynicism, mistrust and the heavy burdens from the long journey through life.  InSpirit the child in me to freely respond, like Your Son Jesus, to people in need, and never have to worry whether it is the right time, or according to the law, or even holy.  Help me to believe that all movement of Your Spirit within is holy.  Help me to stand tall and look with Your eyes into the hearts of all people I meet this day, and help enhance their dignity as Your special daughter or son, so that they will stand tall.  Thank you, Abba-Dad, for the wonderful, freeing and healing ways I feel Your touch and experience Your lap.  Thank You, Brother Jesus, for sharing Your Abba with me – and with all of us!

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