Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sirach 5: 1-8
Gospel Reading
Mark 9: 41-50

Opening Prayer

Holy God of compassion and mercy, You truly are our strength and our treasure. Do you cringe when we try to rely on and define ourselves by our successes, bank accounts, power and limited resources? I am sorry that I do not rely more on You, as the God of Life. Help me today and all days to acknowledge Your great expectations of us, because we are created in Your Image and You dwell within us. Teach me again not to use Your endless mercy to excuse my sinful lack of responsibility and conversion. Please continue to breathe the Spirit of Jesus within me so that I never act in any way to scandalize any of Your children by my actions, attitudes or omissions. InSpirit me today with a radical transformation of heart and spirit that I might be more like You, in Whose image I am created.

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