Second Week of Easter

First Scripture Reading
Acts 4: 32-37
Gospel Reading
John 3: 7b-15

Opening Prayer

Do you get disgusted, Lord Jesus, by the way we shrink and privatize everything? Your initial followers so sensed your unifying presence. They so believed in how powerfully you had overcome all divisions and separations that they were of one heart and one mind. Everything was in common, because they were one in you. They saw all as gift from God, and therefore belonging to all God’s children, not just a privileged few. Inspire us with their experience of your presence by creating a more just world. Help us to take care of the needy with the same energy we take care of ourselves. We are all your family – all your sisters and brothers. Our world of “haves” and “have-nots” needs to be reborn by the Spirit Who uplifts us beyond our petty privatization – Your Spirit who screams in the hungers and needs of people – to resound and echo in our private, protected hearts and world. As you rise, uplift us, Lord Jesus, to a life beyond what we know, create and protect. Free us from the prison of our own private worlds.

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