Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

First Scripture Reading
Hebrews 9: 15, 24-28
Gospel Reading
Mark 3: 22-30

Opening Prayer

Jesus, You entered the sanctuary of God’s Temple, and now everything holy is accessible to us. The veil which separates no longer hides. You have connected us with God. In You, the whole human experience is sanctified and the holy presence permeates. Please don’t let the disbelieving demonic in us shriek of evil and falsehood before that which we do not understand. Your grace is awesome and beyond our comprehension. Help Your Church not be divided against itself. We sometimes seem to hurl negative judgments against those who do not believe exactly the way we do. Open our hearts to see and believe in the movement of your Spirit, and not condemn what we don’t understand. Save us from the blinding and damning righteousness of the scribes by Your presence in the sanctuary of God within us. As Thomas Aquinas faithfully translated Your message into the language and philosophy of his day, may Your Wisdom inspire us to translate faithfully Your message into the language and philosophy of our day – in this temple of our human experience, where You speak to us today.

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