St. Therese Sacrifice Beads

One day, St. Therese’s sister gave her a set of beads on which to keep count of little acts of love and sacrifice offered to God. Young Therese would pull a bead when she postponed a treat, or let someone have their way. Therese’s mother wrote, “Even Therese wants to start making sacrifices now!”

St. Therese Sacrifice Beads consist of a crucifix with a string of ten beads, each of which can be pulled and then remain in place. Pull a bead toward the crucifix for any act of self-denial or love for others, thus noting your little acts of love for God each day.

You can also use these sacrifice beads as a decade rosary.

At the end of the day, pull all the beads back into place and thank God for His grace and mercy. Then the next day, begin again!

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