Time with Therese: To justice

April 11, 2016 06:00 AM

"It is trust, and nothing but trust, that must bring us to Love… Fear brings us only to justice."
-From a Letter to Celine Martin on September 17, 1896

On September 17, 1896, St. Therese wrote this in a letter to her sister, Celine. In the letter St. Therese stressed that only complete, utter, child-like trust in the Lord brings us into his brilliant presence and makes is one with him. Fear, judgement, earning salvation through deeds is pointless. We will never, ever ‘earn’ worthiness or salvation.

St. Therese believed that once we accept our meekness and put trust in the Lord we will be ‘victims of His love.’ St. Therese believed that God’s love flowed through her, and even though she did not live an outwardly extraordinary life, her spiritual life was filled with many graces and deep thought given to her by our God.

Always remember that through our confidence and child-like trust, you will come to know Him and His love. This is the cornerstone of St. Therese’s “little way.”

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