We support your devotion to our beloved patron, and to St. Therese herself as we join our prayers together and ask God to remember the special people you miss so dearly.

All Souls Day is the perfect time for us to come together and humbly ask God to embrace the souls of those who have gone before us in faith. You can use the form below to share the names of those you will be praying for this year. The Carmelites will remember each of them in our daily Masses, especially on All Souls Day.stained-glass

For each name you submit, we will combine your disc with the discs our friends from around the world return to us to form a beautiful stained-glass window featuring an image of St. Therese. And we will bless this unique piece of art at the All Souls Day Mass and place it in the National Shrine Museum of St. Therese as a way to honor your friends and loved ones. It is a visual symbol of your faith and devotion and the power of prayer.

Please use the form below to share the names of your loved ones.

Thank you for your All Souls donation. Your continued generosity supports the education and ministries of Carmelites who spread the Gospel of God’s love throughout the world. Your kindness enables us to proclaim God’s merciful love to people struggling with poverty, violence, disease, and hunger.

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Please leave your names to be remembered on All Souls Day and throughout the month of November.