Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Galatians 1: 6-12
Gospel Reading
Luke 10: 25-37

Opening Prayer

God Who is Father and Mother of all Your children, St. Francis is one of Your bright lights of renewal. You gave him the marks of the Cross of Jesus and transformed his heart to give up everything for you. In his child – like simplicity, he taught us to reverence You in all creation. He challenged us to be the new Israel, the people who wrestle with You in our lives. Francis teaches us to be instruments of Your peace, and to lay down the arsenal of violence we experience in our hearts and hurl toward one another. Lord, sometimes life is burdensome. Teach us to trust You that we do not have to carry it all alone. You lighten our spirit, because You are gentle and humble of heart. Transform and soften that part of which is violent, hardened, cynical, and not of You. Rebirth us as Your children. We pray for all Franciscans who follow Francis that they be faithful to his mission and renew our Church.

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