Wednesday of the Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Thessalonians 2: 9-13
Gospel Reading
Matthew 23: 27-32

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, you desire us to be pure, simple and faithful. Help us be people who spread your peace this day by the way we treat each person who comes into our lives.  Help us to work hard for our reign, following the example of Paul, depending not on others, but expecting much from ourselves.  When you look through us may we not be whitewashed tombs, who look beautiful on the outside but are dying within.  Save us from our hypocrisy.  Pour forth your Spirit of integrity.  The tomb within us screams and haunts.  Its emptiness grabs for more darkness.  We pretend that we are not like our ancestors, even as we dutifully walk in their bloody footsteps.  Continue to transform us from within, Gentle Jesus.  Help us to look good where You see us – in the depths of our heart, spirit, attitude and mind.  May we be as beautiful as You have made us, and not be whitewashed tombs of empty darkness and rotting bones of cynicism.  Fill the vessel of our dysfunctional emptiness with the life of your Spirit.  May we not be prisoners of our dark heritage, but rather enlivened and freed by the hopes and faith of our ancestors.

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