Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Judges 2: 11-19
Gospel Reading
Matthew 19: 16-22

Opening Prayer

Eternal God, why do You continue to stretch us? Your jealousy raged against the people of old when they chose other gods. Does Your jealousy know the duplicity and confusion of my heart? Be merciful for my lack of wholehearted love. Like the young man in the Gospel, I seek to please You! I want to know what is right and what I need to do. Why don’t You have an easy answer? Why do You continue to ask that I empty myself even more? “Go sell your possessions … then you will have treasure in heaven!” So much possesses me, Lord. Help me, that I might follow Jesus in freedom and love.

This is the last time you receive Holy Communion, St. Therese. And yet you did not pout in self-pity and rather knew that your longing for Jesus was even stronger even though your illness did not allow you to receive Communion. As you then taught us about “everything is grace”, help us to see the disappointments and darknesses of life as moments of grace when you are calling us closer and to my intimate trust of God.

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