Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 1: 1-7
Gospel Reading
Luke 17: 1-6

Opening Prayer

Your Wisdom is selective, gentle, and all-embracing. You change us, Eternal God, transforming us from small mustard seeds into life-giving people. You continue to move our hearts so that we forgive instead of seeking revenge, that we do not scandalize innocent ones. Your Wisdom helps us discern what is right and how to live with integrity, sincerity, and wholeness. Help each of us be open to the gentle way Your Wisdom sneaks into our souls and transforms us. Please strengthen me against evils that invade my spirit, sap my energy, and distort my ability to respond to Your Wisdom. Increase my faith in the power and presence of Your Holy Wisdom. Thank you for Jesus. He had such a love for the poor and believed in the power of gentleness as the only true strength. He was especially gentle with those who differed with him and the Church. Help me to believe, like Jesus, that kindness and humility are powerful. Give me his spirit when I meet difficult people today.

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