The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 62: 1-5
Second Scripture Reading
Acts 13: 16-17, 22-25
Gospel Reading
Matthew 1: 1-25

Opening Prayer

Radiant Dawn, the splendor of Your eternal light is gently overwhelming the darkness. You come to build a house of light among us – the temple of Your royal presence, which will last forever. Like Joseph, teach us to trust and to be open to the surprising and wonderful ways You come to us – help us to see that You truly are Emmanuel, and be embraced by Your presence and give life to the divine promise. In the virginity of my soul, overwhelm the dark emptiness and build your eternal dwelling of light – the dawn is breaking into daylight – Joseph and Mary are arriving in Bethlehem. You are arriving. You are the spark of my soul – shine forth, Radiant Dawn. The Child will be born. Hope and love are being reborn in us. I whisper, “thank you” as not to disturb the gentleness of the dawn.

Young Therese, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we also celebrate the birth of a new consciousness in you in 1886 at a young age. You share the story of your Christmas conversion, of being called beyond your self-centered dreams to empty yourself for others, as God did in Jesus. As we celebrate this great love story of God becoming one of us, help change our hearts to be more like yours and God’s!

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