Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Exodus 16: 1-5, 9-15
Gospel Reading
Matthew 13: 1-9

Opening Prayer

Lord, even though the children of Israel lost trust and grumbled in the desert, You provided quail and manna to feed them, and as a sign of Your faithful and nurturing love. When my life does not go right, and I’m afraid, and lose trust and grumble, please continue to nurture me. I am needy and hungry. I need Your strength. May the Body and Blood of Jesus be manna for my soul. May Your Word take root in me. Soften the hard soil of my heart. Uproot the evil weeds which choke. May Your Word of Love penetrate to the depths of my soul and may I produce a rich harvest for You and the People You have blessed me with. I ask this in the Name of Jesus, Who is Your Seed planted among us and Your Bread of Life for our journey.

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