Second Week of Advent

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 41: 13-20
Gospel Reading
Matthew 11: 11-15

Opening Prayer

It is so good to hold Your hand and walk with You, Holy God of the Journey. Yours is the strong hand of hope. You promise new and renewed life for Your people. You have gardener’s hands. Through Your coming and work, the dried up landscape of our souls will be watered and blossom again in fruitful life. Your digging and embracing hands work wonders. Lord Jesus, John announced your coming like the new Elijah – help us to see you coming in our world. Help us to grasp your hand as you walk with us in our lives, Emmanuel. May your hand heal violence and bring inner peace which enables us to hear and listen to you, whispering and shouting in our world – in our history! I love your strong grip and firm handshake, Holy God!!! Just as you filled Juan Diego’s tilma with roses to paint an image of Mary, Your outstretched hand fills the journey with hope to paint a masterpiece of Love on Earth.

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