Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
2 Timothy 4: 1-8
Gospel Reading
Mark 12: 38-44

Opening Prayer

These are tiring and treacherous times, Jesus. Your Church seems split on so many issues. It would be so much easier if you stayed here and told us directly what you wanted. We are trying to remain faithful to you and your mission. We want to transform the world in the power of Your Spirit and on the values of Your reign. Like the religious leaders you confronted, we get into power trips, public displays of piety and excluding religious judgments, instead of the justice of your reign. Why do power, prestige and privilege have such a hold on us, even as your Spirit works within us? Some people even romanticize and deify the past, in your Name, as if you were the God of ancient history rather than the Lord of the coming Reign. Bless us all with the simplicity and generosity of the poor widow. Dear Therese of Lisieux, in 1895, as you were beginning the darkest time of the final surrender of your life and expectations to the Beloved Jesus, you made your Oblation to Merciful Love. You offered yourself totally to Love Who is God. Empower us to today with the same spirituality of self-sacrifice and generosity that moved you, Therese, so that we transcend our needs, hurts and hopes and return to God what is already His — our life!

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